Talking Collectible South African Wines and Art with Frank Kilbourn, CEO Strauss & Co.

This week, we’ll be talking to the CEO of Strauss & Co - South Africa’s foremost fine art auctioneers and global leader in the South African art market - about a bold new venture.

With an average annual turnover of over R155million and a sell through rate of over 80%, Strauss & Co is founded on prodigious expertise and is synonymous with top quality art, decorative arts and jewelry. On June 8th, 2019 in Johannesburg, the company will hold a trailblazing, inaugural fine wine auction bringing an exciting new asset class to its client base and undoubtedly elevating South African wines to the same degree of collectibility as the visual and decorative arts.

With interest in vintage South African wines at an all time high and with the country undergoing a fine wine renaissance, the auction will provide a transparent platform, introducing prospective buyers to a selection of the country’s finest wines curated by the best experts. The auction hosts a line-up of great modern wines along with historic wines that energized the new generation of producers and will also include South Africa’s three perfect-score wines.

Our interview with Frank Kilbourn will be published fully in the third issue of Luxe Noir magazine.

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